Vendor Advocacy

“The sale of any property can be a stressful and complicated experience, but I had every confidence in entrusting this important task to you and your Company. During the whole process, I found you to be an energetic and efficient advocate on my behalf and a person of impeccable character in your business dealings.”
Lorna Jones, Fairlight

Absentee Owner

As absentee owners, your assistance was very valuable for our sale, as well as piece of mind.  You helped our tenant vacate the property on time, directed us to an excellent sales agent and lawyer, as well as attending to other details like paint bids and cleaning. All this would have otherwise required me to be in Sydney myself which was not practical. Both Dennis and I heartily recommend your services to other prospective sellers and wish Changing Lanes all success.
Dennis & Christine Peck

Property Search

“It didn’t take long to find we were competing in a tight and competitive market with limited quality stock and aggressive tactics by real estate agents.  On a couple of occasions we missed out on properties due to a lack of negotiating skills or estate agent tactics of which we were unaware.  Working with Christina gave us the confidence at the appropriate time to act quickly and make decisions knowing we were well-armed and well-informed.  With Christina acting on our behalf, it took a lot of angst and emotional stress out of the process.” 
David and Lisa Woodland.


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